CJM COVID-19 Guidelines

Key Points

1) Always bring with you a prayer mat, face mask and carrier bag to put your shoes in.

2) At all times, follow the arrows to abide by the new one way traffic system.

3) Gates will open 15 minutes before Salah start time, and close 3 minutes before start.

4) Leave the masjid as soon as Salah is over - all sunnah and nafl prayers must be read at home.

5) If you are sick, have a temperature or cough, do not come to the masjid or you will be refused entry.

As per government advise Masjids are now able to open with precautions. The trustees of CJM have decided to open the masjid from:

🔹️ Monday 6th July


🔹️ Salaat ul Dhur being the first prayer

Jammat time: 1:30
Masjid opens: 1:15
Doors closed: 1:27

The masjid will be open for the complete 5 salah's after the opening. This will be monitored on a daily basis and if changes need to be made the community will be informed.

If you do intend to go to the Masjid, please read the below carefully and abide by these new rules.

1. CJM has been through a risk assessment.
2. The whole Masjid has been sanitised/deep cleaned
3. One way systems have been introduced for your safety.
4. Children under 12, should not be coming to the masjid.
5. Anyone over 70, as per NHS/government guide should also not attend.
6. Anyone with underlying health conditions should not attend.
7. Due to social distancing, masjid capacity will be limited.
8. Toilets and Wudu area are now closed and out of bounds
9. CJM will open 15 minutes before jamat time and close straight after jamat is complete.
10. The gates will be closed 3 minutes before jamat starts, no entry after this point.
11. Volunteers will be on hand to check temperature.
12. If you are sick, or around anyone that is sick, please do not attend the masjid.
13. CJM will operate a first come first serve basis.
14. Once Masjid capacity is full, masjid will be closed
15. There will be no other activities happening in the masjid at this time.
16. All chairs have been removed from the masjid
17. Prayer beads (tasbeeh) have been removed

1. Bring your own face mask
2. Bring your own full sized prayer mat
3. Bring a bag for your shoes (the way you enter may not be the way you exit, keep you belongs with you)
4. Come to the masjid with Wudu
5. Follow the instructions by the volunteers
6. Place your prayer mats on the signs on the floor
7. Listen to the imam as we are dispersed from the masjid. One saf (row) will be allowed to leave at a time.
8. Fill the rows from the top and work your way down.


1. Don't read sunnah, nafl or witr in the masjid
2. Don't touch the qurans in the masjid
3. Don't congregate before or after Salah in the masjid or outside the masjid.
4. Please don't wonder around the masjid
5. If you have travelled from abroad in the last two weeks, please do not attend.
6. Don't touch A/C or fan controls, these will be switched off at all times.
7. Avoid touching handles, doors or anything that can pass on the virus

Position to Pray

1. The prayer mat must between the two yellow circles on the floor

2. Make sure the prayer mat doesn't cover where your feet are, but the extra part goes towards the head area.

If you have any further questions, please contact any of the trustees for further information or email info@cjmsouthall.co.uk

Jazak Allah Khair